How To Wash Your Hands

Do you want to look like a younger woman, with younger skin?
I bet you do. - Here's how!

Clean hands will give your face a nicer look.

You eliminate the germs that are on everything around you from getting from your hands into your facial pores and onto your face.

Nice hands -

Breakouts on the face can easily come from germs transferred from the hands.

To wash you need to use a cool or slightly warm water and a nice soap that isn't too strong but only strong enough to remove dirt and germs.

When to wash your hands:

  • After you empty or handle garbage
  • Before and after preparing and eating food
  • After dealing with animals, their food or waste.
  • Before and also after dealing with a sick person
  • After you use the toilet.
  • Before and after you give medical treatment.
  • When doing child care and the child is having a bathroom visit or diaper change
  • Before and after treating a cut or wound
  • Right after you cough or sneeze and blow your nose

Look at the hands below and see how nice they are.

Her hands are older than they look, and we aren't saying how old to keep it her secret!

Scrub-a-dub for at least 20 seconds and get under the nails and between the fingers as well then rinse with clean water.

A nice moisturizer is a good follow up after washing to keep the skin feeling and looking younger than it really is.

The moisturizer fills the skin a bit and removes some of the wrinkles that are signs of age.

People will use an alcohol cleaning rub solution that is popular in hospitals etc. Some of these can have a slight drying effect on your skin so don't use it unless you have to.

Look at the moisturizing hands below!
Beautiful hands -